Meeting Minutes: September 20, 2007

American Association of Airport Executives San Jose State University Chapter


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- Need all interested members Student ID’s and names to turn into Associated Students, for recognition.

 - Polo’s are $25.00

 - AIRPORT DAY!! Looking for volunteers help sell water; one person marshalling. We need at least three volunteers for the Reid Hillview Airport’s Airport Day. It is this Saturday from 8am-4pm. Contact Steven if interested.

 - NUMMI tour, Friday 28th 1230pm. This is car manufacturer in Fremont. We would be touring the facility (its free) and learn about their operation. We get to see upfront the cars being made and learn interesting facts about the plant.

 - San Francisco Tower First Tour the 25th of October about 11am-12ish. Only five people at a time. Then one tour scheduled every week on Thursday, but only five a trip. Send and email with name and driver’s licenses as soon as possible

 - Jim Martin coming as a guest speaker next month. Looking to be Wednesday the 24th of October.

- $$$ Check out our job opportunities! SWAAAE scholarship due next week! $$$

- We are definitely attending the Monterey Conference end of January 28th-30th-so mark that on the calendar.

- Social night- 830pm at BJ’s in Oakridge. We can carpool! If someone has a Thursday night class (such at 128), contact Courtney, she will be leaving after class- if you need a ride there.

- Resume and Interview workshop?? Anyone interested? Some ideas: get someone that runs their own charter/private- how do they operate?