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Guest speakers come from a variety of fields associated with the aviation and airport industry.  These speakers discuss various topics relevant to today's aviation/airport environment which can be beneficial and educational to those desiring entry into the aviation industry.  Please reference the calendar for specific details (date/time/location). 

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List of Upcoming Guest Speakers:

    - Matthew Davis

Mr. Davis is the Airport Operations Superintendent for Security Compliance at Mineta San Jose International Airport, and is also an SJSU Aviation alumni.

    - Eric Peterson

Mr. Peterson is the Assistant Director of Santa Clara County  Airports.  He is a San Jose State Alumni from the SJSU Aviation Program and was also President of AAAE while he attended SJSU.

     -  Jim Martin

          Jim Martin flies a Boeing 777 as a First Officer for United Airlines.                      Also, he is a pilot for the Lima Lima Formation Aerobatic Flight                            Team.  He flies in a T-34 and performs in airshows across the                             country.  He is also an RC Airplane enthusiast.  He designs, tests,                     and builds his own RC planes, and has a partricular liking for RC                     jets.

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    Enrique Guidamos 

                Enrique Guidamos is the Superintendent for Terminal Management                 and Master Planning for San Jose International Airport. He                                 graduated from the SJSU Aviation Department, is a current member                 of National AAAE and was a AAAE SJSU Chapter member as a                         student. 

     -  Dennis Osario 

               Dennis Osorio has been working at San Jose Airport for 30+ years.                    He has been a Manager On Duty (MOD) for 18 years and has                            worked in may different departments at the airport.